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Daniel Lautrec, Fernando Mangiatti, and Lucas DiFubbiano meet up for soccer practice, but nobody can focus once they get together.  They all three fix it the only uniformly to get past this is to strip down and have outdoor group sex, in this 19 minute scene.
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A administer almost goes wrong betwixt 2 bike gangs, but the matter is settled by group sex in this 24 crumb scene.  Chris Russel, Fred Goldsmith, Roberto Giorgio, Janos Volt, and Eddie Schulz get buck naked in the back alley.  Some be proper of you won't believe the
As if karate dedication wasn't not elbow all bad full-contact hotness for these four guys, the mood suddenly turns sexual, elbow the beginning of this Eighteen minute group sex scene.  The gym mats are about to realize messy, as Enrico Benetti, Fred Goldsmith, Vexillum warn Laurel and Chri
Adam Kubick, Jay Renfro, and Alexander Marino meet at a rustic urban resort in this 21 minute scene.  The team a few buff twinks have had no problem reading each other's signals since they've met. One day on the hot surging deck, it happens!  The cute alpha shows
Fabrice Felder and Jack Laurel are living the lives of exotic princes, in this Twenty several minute scene.  The two jocks meet nigh in a wardrobe and reveal their passions for every other immediately, stripping to to their big, fiend muscles, and giving a kiss passionately.
Jack Laurel, Jose Ganatti, and Jonathan Collins have hammer away day off, and there's no ignoring hammer away mutual attractions, in this 13 minute scene.  The three hot jocks have a deal to transact, and nobody's complaining about hammer away price... because sucking and fuckin
After the setup, this Thirty minute group-sex scene really takes off.  2 guys in uniform pay due respect to their superior officer, and the result is three big cocks mammal sensually worshiped until the final frame.  Rank tends to go out the window when anal
Life as royalty has its ups and downs.  But when you're part of an entourage that's buff, well dressed, wealthy as kings, and as jubilant as the day is long, you can't master b crush the perks.  Five of the sultan's best men enjoy the best of those benefits - each oth
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Rudy Strong with the addition of Keith Hansel meet on the stairway, with the addition of there's a moment of tension.  But the tension melts away as they decide to stop their routines for a quick fuck, respecting this 15 minute scene.  Some couples might at least head for a couch, but the whole s

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